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International Conference on Computers and Management (ICCM) 2015

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Special Sessions

Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering Advances

The special Session on Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering Advances aims to cover topics dedicated to the latest achievements in computational intelligence and all IT related aspects of system engineering. The session aims at bringing together computer scientists, system engineers and IT researchers who are interested in the development of intelligent and efficient computer systems. We invite all prospective authors to submit a broad range of contributions related to the session topics. 

Topics of this special session include (but not limited to): 

  • Computational Intelligence 
  • Intelligent Software, Algorithms and Methods 
  • Knowledge Retrieval and Data Management 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Fast Boolean Computation and Logic Synthesis 
  • Complex Systems and Modeling 
  • Software Engineering for Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing 
  • Agents, Aspects and Feature-Oriented Systems 
  • Software Architectures, Code Quality and Separation of Concerns 
  • Consistency, Integrity, Security and Reuse of Software Systems 
  • Performance and Testing issues for Metalevel and Aspect- Oriented Systems 
  • Workflow Management, Distributed Computing and Performance Evaluation

Management and Utilization of Information Technology

This special session aims to address services innovation, services technologies and management, as well as the role of the supply chain, logistics and other related topics. Services cover a wide range of operations and functions, such as human aspects of healthcare, and technological aspects of public services design and management, as well as services provided by the manufacturing sector, information services and the associated cultural, ethical, legal and political aspects; electronic commerce; globalisation in services; and market innovations in services etc.

Topics of this special session include (but not limited to):

  • Services technology, management and technology management: policy, strategic and operational issues
  • Services and innovation
  • Information technology and communication in services, e-commerce
  • Supply chain management
  • New developments in marketing and retailing
  • Human resources and development in services
  • Customer care
  • TQM, services quality
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Ecologically driven services
  • Economics of services
  • Services in society, ethics and culture
  • Technology related to tourism services and transport
  • Technology serving scientific research and high-tech industry
  • Medical, recreational and health tourism

Deadlines To Remember

Submission (Extended)       October 10, 2015

Acceptance                          October 31, 2015 

Registration                      November 15, 2015

Conference                  December 16-17, 2015 

Conference Proceedings Publication


The submitted papers will be reviewed for possible inclusion within the following SCOPUS, ACM and DBLP indexed Journals with H index or impact factor.